An Expression of Appreciation

An Expression of Appreciation

I'm feeling oh-so-inspired today to share some of my deepest feelings and appreciation toward our clients and supporters. On rough days, I just get this undeniable yearning to share my gratitude and appreciation - it's almost an instant cure, am I right!?

First off, if you're a client of ours, thank you for your ongoing support, both financially and emotionally. Your investment means that you believe in us and want to see us be successes, which is flattering in itself and makes us want to do our best to elevate your brand's success.

The absolute, hands-down best part of our work is getting to see your brand flourish with what we can provide you with and adore seeing you be successful by taking your digital marketing strategy to the next level. We love learning your journey, knowing your weak spots and making them your new areas of growth and later strength.

Personal connection is key to how we conduct business and relate to our clients - we are heart-centered ladies with a love for honesty and authenticity. We best relate to you when you show us your emotions - your struggles and your triumphs. We appreciate your willingness to express fierce vulnerability and be honest about your business goals - we know it's difficult and we've been there plenty, too.

We adore the opportunity to partner with our professional branding-specialized photographers, telling your story in a light that is true to you, crafting a unique brand expression for your social media, website, email list, blog posts, the list goes on...

We love the look on your face when you discover a new way to showcase your business and a way to sell yourself without being salesy or sleazy like everyone else may tell you you have to be. We enjoy making the process streamlined and easy for you, breaking down the overwhelm while educating on the true commitment and dedication it takes to have a decent online presence.

Back in November, we posted a photo to our social media that advertised free, curated gifts for anyone who had meaningfully engaged with our business throughout the past year - liking, commenting and sharing our business posts and statuses. We went to 5+ of our clients and curated gift baskets for every gal who wrote in, filled to the brim with fair trade, handmade client items and personalized engraved magnets from our very own Kayla. This was something extravagant, yet small in our eyes that helped us show our appreciation. Please know that while it was fun, we love you way more than gourmet chocolates or premium denim could ever express.

For every rough patch we hit with someone who doesn't quite connect to our story or values, respect our time or really get the process, we have you to thank for keeping us grounded and feeling so very loved. We get to do what we love because of you. Thank you.


What are you feeling grateful for today?

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