frequently asked questions


What is Content Marketing?

As Google says, "Content marketing is a form of marketing focused on creating, publishing and distributing content for a targeted audience online." By creating consistent, meaningful copy (text) and imagery for your social media, website (and blog posts), email lists, etc., we make an emotional connection with your audience, positioning you front & center in their minds each day.

WhO IS YOUR ideal client?

We have soft spots in our hearts for the female small business owner and creative. She is authentic and values organic growth over vanity metrics. Honesty is one of her most valued traits in others. She is generous in her kindness and passionate about her niche. She has realistic expectations and celebrates creative freedom. She's seeking a cheerleader for her brand and a partner in crime to elevate her marketing efforts.

Why should I hire you  |  What should I expect out of this?

At the end of the day, we want to celebrate and elevate your brand. We want you to see brand awareness, gain brand authority in your niche, have an accessible, easy way to share the latest news about your business to your followers, build a more active and involved community, increase your customer/client's engagement and loyalty to your brand by making an impact in their lives, and showcase what you do best and who you are (your identity, culture and values), with this latter piece then transcending into profit and reducing your overwhelm. In our world, the strategy must achieve all results to be deemed successful.

What makes you credible?

Anyone can tweet, pin or gram, but proper education makes all the difference. Kathryn comes with a Bachelor's Degree emphasizing in business management, leadership and marketing, in addition to her main study of social and positive psychology, the latter allowing her to understand why humans think the way they do and how they are moved to make decisions. We learned by experimenting hands-on in the field, pursuing internships and degrees in our fields of specialty, studying under mentors and those successfully running their own digital marketing agencies. Our combined 15 years of hands-on experience gives you the latest & greatest, yet seasoned approach to marketing.

So, what magic do you bring to the party?

We lead from authenticity and "frankness". We focus on creating connections that will serve your business well, not vanity metrics (but don't worry - we track those, too!). We care about reaching the new customer you may not have reached with prior strategies and the loyal fans already head-over-heels for your biz. We truly believe that every brand deserves a modern, clean, pretty, sentimental, meaningful, emotion-evoking and educational presentation on the web. Our individually-tailored, near-24/7 watch of your brand (and your questions) set us apart from the competition. Customer service is at the forefront and so are quality connections.