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∙ A decade of extensive hands-on experience
∙ 3 years in the marketing field
∙ 4 years in the customer service industry
∙ 4 academic quarters of marketing internships
∙ Consistent continued education
(conferences, webinars, Twitter chats, lectures)

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Kathryn Coffman, founder of Fashionably Frank Marketing was raised in Olympia, Washington. She holds a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in social and positive psychology, business management, social media and marketing. During college, Kathryn eagerly engaged in social media and marketing internships, combining her strengths of psychology and Internet communications to optimize businesses' digital presences. FFM is a proud female, Latina, LGBTQ-run business.

Kathryn adores iced lattes, matte lipsticks, traveling (but not airplanes) & small dogs. You will always find her laughing. You can read her lifestyle blog at FASHIONABLYFRANK.COM.




Emphasis in social & positive psychology, business management & marketing. Internships in social media & marketing.

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Kayla Lee, Branding + Pinterest Expert at Fashionably Frank Marketing was raised in Olympia, Washington. After college, Kayla served as Admin Assistant to the CEO of a local credit union, later serving as their Marketing Specialist. In 2018, Kayla opened her second graphic design business, a boutique branding and design agency named Blushing Bull. She specializes in full-service branding and promotional materials.

Kayla is a coffee addict, night owl, creative soul, vintage/antique lover and book enthusiast. She wears her heart on her sleeve and her cell phone rarely leaves her side, ensuring she’s never missing a beat of your business!



∙ 5 years of extensive hands-on experience
∙ 3 years in the design and marketing fields
∙ 10 years in the customer service industry
∙ Currently finishing a Bachelor of Arts in Graphic Design

 Kathryn Coffman - Fashionably Frank Marketing




Emphasis in psychology.

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 Kathryn Coffman - Fashionably Frank Marketing


  • 14 years in the the customer service industry
  • 10 years in the event planning field
  • 10 years experience as a business owner
  • 7 years in the project management field
  • 2 years in the marketing field

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Stephanie Carey, Community Curator at Fashionably Frank Marketing was raised in Olympia, Washington. Stephanie worked for a local credit union for more than a decade where she spent most of her time as a Project Manager. Missing her creative side, she began her own businesses with her bestie as a local event planner. Realizing that she wanted to assist with more than just events, she opened her virtual assistant business, SC Creative Consulting. She has a knack for organization, love for design, and a desire to help others organize and manage their lives and businesses.

Stephanie is an Americano drinking, cat loving, interior design admiring mama who loves to go camping. You can usually find her wandering the aisles of Target or snuggled up for a movie with a big bowl of popcorn. She is here to better your balance!

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the story.


Believe it or not, this whole journey started when I was sitting in my bedroom as a preteen, lacking a purpose and afraid to go to school (or even walk outside, for that matter). Suffering from severe anxiety disorders and horrible bouts of bullying in grades 2-6, I opted to homeschool.

It was 2006 and what were the most popular things on the Internet? MySpace.com and blogs! You bet I was on both of them. I wasn't just "on them", I was entrenched in them. The Internet quickly became the way I made friends, fell in love, came to a better understanding of my heritage and was the convincing I needed to get out of the hermit shell I had been living in for the past decade.

Shortly thereafter, I transferred back to public schooling (of course, I kept blogging...). My story came full circle when after studying psychology for 2.5 of my 4 years in college, I took 2 business and leadership classes that forever changed my life. The next week, I launched my business and never looked back. Now, I get to assist passionate and inspiring people who have also shredded their deepest fears and overcame their own unique obstacles. I get to help them showcase their amazing talents and gifts with the world... on the Internet.

I'm truly fortunate to have continued on to receive three Student of the Month nominations in high school, serve on a local nonprofit's Board of Directors for a total of six years and launch a business by age 21, in addition to establishing a female business owner networking group of 130+ women before age 23. Even now, I still can't believe that girl was/is me. I wouldn't change a thing!

I'm all about authenticity. Transparency. #CommunityOverCompetition. Organic growth. Lifelong learning. Loyalty. Kindness. Tenderness and sentiment, yet so much passion and strength. I am fiercely opposed to the idea that we must fit into a confined box or label. Your business is unlike anyone else's and that's the way it should be.

Internet communications are deeply woven into the true fabric - the DNA - of my being. Let my appreciation and adoration of digital media and social connection catapult your brand to new heights, strengthening the relationships you have with your customers and achieving greater brand awareness, recognition, sales and cohesion.

I will be your biggest cheerleader, your best advocate and your most trusted confidant.


I can't wait to see how we will work together.
Thank you for the honor of being part of your story.

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trust the process


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