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Kathryn is amazing! I knew I wanted to work with her as soon as I met her because she was SO knowledgeable and passionate about her industry. I had her design my website and I get compliments from every client that uses it! She is extremely efficient, which was a huge plus for me because as a business owner, sometimes I have to schedule sleep! She gathered a couple pieces of design preferences, font and color schemes from me and literally sent me a rough draft/basic layout preview of the site that night and it was STUNNING! It exceeded my expectations by like 100.

It is amazing how she brought my vision to life so seamlessly. I have been using my site for over a month now and absolutely love all of the features and functions! Also, her customer service is ON POINT! Most of the time I have questions for her, I get a reply within half an hour! Which is unheard of.
— Alaycia Rohleder, Alaycia Hair Design
Very knowledgeable, and patient, in walking me through what to me were arcane procedures and options. She provided me with a truly collaborative experience, being flexible and adaptive to my needs and offering suggestions and ideas that were a marked improvement.
— Michael King, Pruningman
I can’t speak highly enough of Kathryn and the work she has done for me! She is professional, extremely creative and talented, and she works at lightning speed. She reworked my website and prepped with me ahead of time to ensure we had the right branding and feel; which is probably one of the best things I love about working with her — her personal touch. I feel like I am working with someone who cares and is taking the time to continually check in with me and ensure I love the product we are collaborating on.

She is also making my life SO MUCH easier with social media marketing and keeping me organized so that I get the types of messaging out that is on brand and garners positive results; while being a busy mom, professional and entrepreneur. Work with Kathryn! You are going to love her!
— Olivia Salazar de Breaux, OlyBella Lip Butters
I was so lucky to meet Kathryn before my marketings needs arose. She is an incredible person with a great blend of human kindness, tough prowess, and creative ingenuity! I am so happy with the launch of my new website and incredibly grateful for her professional skills, and even more so her genuine belief in me. I look forward to a continued endearing friendship and business relationship with her and her incredible network of talent she has brought together in Olympia!
— Jason Hogle, Jason Hogle Music Studio
Kathryn resurrected my website!!! I have been in business for 3 years and my website was being horribly managed by a much larger company. Kathryn helped me create something totally fresh and new and a reflection of me and my business!! She’s also helped me learn so much so that I can manage it on my own now! Thank you Kathryn for rescuing me! I highly recommend working with Fashionably Frank Marketing and Kathryn!
— Michelle Cohen, The Black Sheep Yarn Boutique
Fashionably Frank Marketing is by far the most professional and forward thinking branding and marketing business around. Our experience was seamless from the beginning. Kathryn, partnered with Kayla from Blushing Bull Branding & Design, were able to capture our vision and business ideals from the get go. They transferred them into a full rebrand. We couldn’t be happier! They will elevate your business to a new level!
— Julia Ward, Moda Capelli Hair Salon
My new website is just gorgeous! Functional, insightful, informative, unique, fun, inspiring, uplifting, ALL the Rebecca Fine / Fine Coaching things. Kathryn is incredibly talented, personable, patient, intuitive and creative. I highly recommend her services and classes for any and all small business marketing needs!
— Rebecca Fine, Fine Coaching
Our team met with Kathryn for only an hour, and we all agreed it was very productive, SO worth it. I got a lot of clarity and confirmation on ideas and action steps we’d been struggling with prior to our meeting with her. Kathryn delivered a fire hose of information. We learned so much about why Instagram, hashtags, and Pinterest is essential to growing our business, and how we could take the next right steps to fill in the ‘gaps’ in our online presence. She gave us strategy ideas on how to implement, and researched our online presence beforehand which felt reassuring! Her energy is motivating, and her knowledge runs deep. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone struggling with social media, who needs a trusting hand to guide them in the next steps. Kathryn’s a gem!!”
— Riana Nelson (Booking/Press/Management for Derik Nelson & Family) - www.deriknelson.com

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Kathryn has been a delight to work with from day one. Prompt, thorough and adaptable to the needs of her clients, she’s gone above and beyond for myself and my clients from the beginning. I rely heavily on Kathryn’s organization and copywriting skills to help me manage multiple clients and ensure they have a consistent social media presence on all channels they choose to be a part of. Her status writing skills led to a nearly 100% increase in reach for one client, while another saw engagements climb by 50% once she began their copywriting.

Kathryn displays a knack for quality engagement with the community she is managing, changing the tone of her communications to match the audience and what they prefer as needed. Her attention to detail and clear desire to make not just her clients happy, but their customers as well, sets her apart from any other social media manager I have partnered with. I am thrilled to work with Kathryn and Fashionably Frank Marketing, and expect to do so for quite some time to come. I highly recommend her skills for growing your social media presence!
— Jennifer Greene, Marketing Professional at Tyrannosaurus Marketing
I have personally witnessed the incredible expertise and professionalism Kathryn has in the area of social media. This includes blogging and HTML coding. Her knowledge and passion for social media is very apparent and shows in the style and grace of her own blog.

Kathryn did an exceptional job managing the social media channels for the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater Visitor & Convention Bureau [note: now Experience Olympia & Beyond]. She reviewed, edited, created and responded to inquiries on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the blog. She led the project to update and modernize the blog and also created new content. She was professional and extremely detail oriented. She did an excellent job.
— Jennifer Lamont, Marketing Professional
There are #bossgirls and then there is Kathryn: she is QUEEN when it comes to social media. In two months, she composed the most beautiful Pinterest page and over half a million people have seen it. I started with 176 followers, how did she do that?!?!? Because she rules. She also accomplished an average of 1.5K re-pins per week, before we even started blogging!

You are your business but you need to outsource for sanity. Kathryn is able to hear me, understand my brand and work beautifully within my curated team.

Hire her. Don’t hesitate. Do it now.
— Baylie Carlson, Simple & Sensible
Kathryn is a go-getter who is a passionate, dedicated social media professional. She brings fresh ideas to the table and is constantly challenging herself, and the organizations she works with, to be the best.

It is often said that when you find someone who is more skilled than you, hire them. I did that with Kathryn and she never let me down. Kathryn came to the Hands On Children’s Museum as an intern looking to share her social media skills. While we provided her the marketing and PR basics, she brought fresh ideas for content and tools to take the museum’s social media to the next level. After her internship, we hired her because her work was so valuable and she has significant knowledge of how a Communications Department works. Detail-oriented and extremely reliable, Kathryn is a joy to work with.
— Jillian Henze, Communications Professional
Kathryn was the Hands On Children’s Museum’s first social media contractor and she is a delight to work with! Hands On is open nearly every day of the year, serving 315,000+ visitors annually which means social media is tracked daily on multiple sites. Kathryn is completely dependable seven days a week. She knows when to seek management involvement and she works well from an off-site location. Kathryn has cheerfully stepped in to cover many communications needs—even those outside her social media expertise. We have appreciated her important work as we grow our strong online presence.
— Patty Belmonte, Executive Director at Hands On Children's Museum
Kathryn has completely changed the face of our social media and has grown our follows & engagement tremendously! She is acutely dialed in to the most effective practices & procedures to make the most out of your social media presence. Beyond the highly polished & professional approach Kathryn takes with her clients, she is personally very giving of her time and wants to get to know her clients personally. Kathryn’s professionalism and ‘realness’ is her killer combo! Fashionably Frank Marketing is the route to go if you are looking to take your social media presence to the next level.
— Kim Combs, Previous Event & Volunteer Coordinator at Olympia Downtown Alliance
I had the opportunity to work with Kathryn at the Olympia, Lacey, Tumwater Visitor & Convention Bureau [note: now Experience Olympia & Beyond]. Kathryn was hired to increase destination awareness through strategic social marketing efforts.

Kathryn has the innate ability to think outside the box and generated increased awareness to our top marketing priorities. She is creative, innovative and not afraid to take risks. She makes decisions based on results and shared her results often.

Kathryn was such a pleasure to work with because of her attitude, making the work environment fun and exciting. I look forward to our paths crossing again in the professional workplace.
— Kyla Cavanagh, Sales Professional
Fashionably Frank Marketing is 100% exceptional at what they do! Kathryn knows what she’s talking about, what she’s doing, and how to help your business get the attention it needs to get more customers and grow. They’re also very creative and work with some excellent photographers to help make a business look good.

They have totally taken my business to another level in terms of reach and professional appearance! I HIGHLY recommend them!
— Jeff Gibson, The Sweetest Things
It is a startlingly emotional experience to entrust your brand, your business, your ‘baby’ to someone you have just recently met, and then watch them create something entirely new, different and better than you could have ever imagined.

Kathryn has managed to bring my business social media presence to life. After just one meeting it was clear that she is intelligent, articulate, professional, hard working and a wizard with technology. What is more astonishing (and truly sets her apart) is her ability to quickly relate to her clients and create content that is in complete alignment with their core values and business goals.

Watch out for this girl - she is going places!
— Amy Peters, industrie clothiers
Kathryn is your girl when it comes to social media marketing! I cannot get over how good is she at what she does. Kathryn is so talented and her skills are beyond amazing, just look at her website and social media! I had the pleasure of working with Kathryn a few times and I can definitely say that she pleases me every single time. She gives out the best tips on ways I can improve my website, what actions I should take to put myself out there more as a new business owner and so forth.
— Christina Houn, Christina Yem Photography
Kathryn presented our brand on her website with thoughtful accuracy, attention to detail and with a marketing edge. She definitely did her research to add her own warm, creative and kind opinion to our existing marketing efforts and facts. Her coverage (both in journalism and photography) of our concert was wonderful!! Her questions ahead of the concert were proactive and considerate regarding space and non-flash photos. Kathryn’s blog post and her final posted review of our concert was incredibly prompt, professional— and her photos ended up being the photos we used for all of our post-promotion and website header images! Thank you, Kathryn! I would definitely recommend her to cover live events or concerts.
— Riana Nelson, Press / Management for Derik Nelson & Family (national touring artist) www.deriknelson.com

Derik Nelson & Family Winter Concert IX

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