Brand Strategy/Story Branding, Social Media Copywriting and Community Engagement/Outreach with Near 24/7 Platform Management, Social Media Ads, Adobe Photoshop and Canva Graphic Work, Basic SEO and Blogging, Email List Management, Styled Product and Lifestyle Photography, Video Branding, Visual Design Branding and Brand Style Guides, and Website Creation.




As your digital marketing managers specialized in content marketing, we run all of your social media platforms (including copywriting, graphic design, community outreach and customer service), update your website, crank out email blasts and optimize blog posts for increased brand awareness and authority in your niche. We work with our trusted, brilliant photographers and videographers to tell your brand's story and ensure that you meet current standards of multimedia marketing. Choose from all or a few of our services to customize the perfect package that's just right for your business goals and budget! Contact us for details.


Looking to leave a lasting impact in the digital space with a modern web design that not only inspires, but CONVERTS? Look no further! We utilize the latest technology of Squarespace to create a digital home for you and your business. We start with an initial brainstorming session and brand familiarization. Then we get to work, following up with collaborative revision meetings and/or emails. Lastly, we put the finishing touches on the complex details, remapping or setting up your domain and finally launching the site live! Contact us for details.

*Custom coding is not offered by the agency, however web design services are enthusiastically offered at competitive rates with clean results meeting the latest industry standards.


Without an intentional brand identity, brands fail to hold their audience's attention or retention and end up speaking to everyone, attracting no one. A brand begins with a reason, then a mission, followed by a physical identity including a logo, logo variations, color palette, fonts and more. We collaborate with you to determine your seasonal color palette backed by color psychology, then craft a brand style guide that will keep you on track. Contact us for details.


Seeking graphic design for your print collateral, social media icons, advertisements, or perhaps branding elements? Our Community Engagement Coordinator, Kayla Lee can help with that!


Contact us to receive our pricing packet to determine your needs.
There is no universal "right way" to do digital marketing, that is why all of our packages are 100% customizable! In case you're wondering, the average super-savvy Fashionably Frank Marketing client spend is $770/mo for ongoing digital marketing management. We can't wait to meet you and craft the perfect marketing strategy designed for your amazing biz!



Designed to give you a better idea of what you are doing excellent in your marketing efforts, as well as what you can improve upon, The Brand Audit is the way to go if you're eager to learn more but need a starting point. We will deep dive into your current digital marketing arenas and give you actionable advice on how to improve each. In addition to customized feedback, all the goodies are revealed in this audit, including how to best optimize your social media presence through community engagement, color psychology branding and much more! If specified areas of emphasis are desired, client is to submit the areas of emphasis prior to audit execution and will ultimately receive a detailed report tailored to their business. Social media and website analytics are also analyzed and included. Digital report$400.


Digital marketing is necessary for every business no matter the niche and us content marketers are very familiar with how to place multiple puzzle pieces together to achieve a holistic strategy. We'll start with the basics, covering the concept of content marketing, the reasons behind it and why you should invest in your business' digital presence. You'll receive customized recommendations based on an initial questionnaire that will help guide our session, shining light on the core foundations of a good email list, blog, website and engaging social media profiles.
2 hour session, $200 offered via Skype or in person.


Social media is the name of every game in this day and age. Your friends are on it, your competitors are on it, even old Aunt Jane is on it! But there are various platforms and what's most important is where your customers or clients choose to spend their time. We'll start with a questionnaire to discover more about you and your brand, tailoring our session specifically to your business' unique needs. We'll recommend platforms, break down the latest algorithms and explain why meaningful engagement matters more than having thousands of followers, show you how to craft creative visual graphics and go over the 4 types of key content you should be sharing. We'll finish with a Q&A session to clarify any of your questions and banish intimidation!
2 hour session, $200 offered via Skype or in person.


At the heart of every business is a pain point being heard. What is the vision behind your business? Every brand is born from an individual who possesses the abilities and talents necessary to solve the pain point of another individual, whether through services or products. Together with a little help from story branding, we'll outline the tale of your business and the story you should be telling through every facet of your marketing to engage and encourage. Bonus! A list of "isms" that are unique to you and a crafted brand voice that resonates.
3 hour session and finalized brand DNA document, $300 offered via Skype or in person.


2018 is the year of the video. No joke! Videos are responsible for 66%+ of all Internet traffic and are expected to jump to 82% of all traffic by 2020. Oftentimes, they're also the way to guarantee content reaches your audience. We'll chat over your favorite latte (or tea!) and brief you on all you need to know about video marketing in this 21st century world. We'll dive into Instagram stories, live video basics, video ads and the strategy behind webinars and e-courses.
1 hour session, $100 offered via Skype or in person.


Learn the mythical creature that is an Instagram 9 grid. This power session clarifies the concepts behind the 9 grid, arranging an aesthetically pleasing profile and how to optimize your content for the best engagement on Instagram. Using Planoly, we'll go through curation and scheduling processes and discuss how to optimize your Instagram feed (and story) for maximum engagement.
2 hour session, $200 offered via Skype or in person. *Client must open a Planoly account.

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