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What does it mean to have us as your content marketing specialists? It means we manage everything, from your social media platforms to your website (design and updates) to your emails and blog posts. We take care of every aspect—copy, design, community engagement and customer service. Our goal is to optimize all of your content so you become a standout brand online, one that’s seen and trusted as an authority. Resources? We’re deeply connected to other creatives in our community, such as photographers, videographers and graphic designers who can work with us to enhance your brand. And we’re flexible. Check out our list of services and choose what’s just right for your marketing goals and your budget.

The average client invests $700/mo for ongoing digital marketing management. Contact us for details.


Branding is more than a logo, a nice color palette or beautiful social media content (though we can do all that!). An intentional brand starts with the reason you do what you do - your WHY - and your daily mission to your customers or clients. Once we gain a deep understanding of what you do and why you do it, we take a deep dive into your target customer/client personas and craft the story you will be telling them. Then we create a physical brand, starting with a color psychology-based palette and vibe images based on the look that resonates with you. From there, we create your logo, design your business cards, choose your fonts and more. Our talented pool of professionals and outside contractors bring all of these elements together to create a brand identity that you can pair with your business story to grow a targeted audience.

The average client invests $1200 flat for branding sevices. Contact us for details.

web design

Looking to leave a lasting impact in the digital space with a modern web design that not only inspires, but CONVERTS? Look no further! We utilize the latest technology on the Squarespace platform to create a digital home for you and your business. We start with an initial brainstorming session and brand familiarization. Then we get to work and follow up with collaborative revisions. Last, we put the finishing touches on all the little details, remapping or setting up your domain and, finally, setting the site live! If you’re seeking optimal messaging and high quality imagery, we are able to collaborate with skilled copywriters and branding photographers to create the best possible impression for your audience.

The average client invests $600 flat for web design services. Contact us for details.

*Custom coding or further web development is not offered by the agency.
The agency is part of the official Squarespace Circle group for designers.

pick your perfect.

Contact us to receive our pricing packet to determine your needs.
There's no universal "right way" to do marketing, that's why all our packages are 100% customizable. 
We can't wait to meet you and craft a strategy designed for your amazing biz!


Wondering about the process and philosophy, but not sure where to get valid information? These handy dandy guides are designed to give you the lowdown on key components of marketing.


Additional a la carte offerings for hourly trainings and lessons starting at $100/hour helping you (and/or your team) better understand and get the most out of your digital marketing efforts! 

the brand audit

Designed to give you a better idea of what excellent things you are doing in your marketing efforts and how you can improve, The Brand Audit is the way to go if you're eager to learn more and need to know where to start. This is a digital service and does not include any hands-on training or meeting hours. We will take a deep dive into your current digital marketing arenas and give you actionable advice on how to improve each one of them. In addition to customized feedback, all the goodies are revealed in this audit, including how to best optimize your social media presence through community engagement, color psychology branding and much more! If you would like to look at something specific, let us know what you’d like to cover prior to the audit. Final deliverable is a detailed report tailored to your business that includes an analysis of social media and website analytics. Digital report$400.

digital dissection

Digital marketing is necessary for every business no matter the niche. As content marketers, we are very familiar with how to place multiple puzzle pieces together to create a holistic strategy. We'll start with the basics, covering the concept of content marketing, the reasons behind it and why you should invest in your business's digital presence. We will structure a session just for you based on your answers to an initial questionnaire. During the session, we will help shed light on the core foundations of a good email list, blog, website and engaging social media profiles and give you our customized recommendations for your platform. 2-hour session, $200 offered via Skype or in person.

social spotlight

Social media is the name of every game in this day and age. Your friends are on it, your competitors are on it, even Aunt Jane is on it! But there are various platforms and what's most important is where your customers or clients choose to spend their time. We'll start with a questionnaire to discover more about you and your brand so we can tailor our session specifically to your business's unique needs. We'll recommend platforms, break down the latest algorithms and explain why meaningful engagement matters more than having thousands of followers. We will also show you how to craft creative visual graphics and go over the four types of key content you should be sharing. We'll finish with an intimidation-banishing Q&A session to clarify any of your questions! 2-hour session, $200 offered via Skype or in person.

Our team met with Kathryn for only an hour, and we all agreed it was very productive, SO worth it. I got a lot of clarity and confirmation on ideas and action steps we’d been struggling with prior to our meeting with her. Kathryn delivered a fire hose of information. We learned so much about why Instagram, hashtags, and Pinterest is essential to growing our business, and how we could take the next right steps to fill in the ‘gaps’ in our online presence. She gave us strategy ideas on how to implement, and researched our online presence beforehand which felt reassuring! Her energy is motivating, and her knowledge runs deep. I would not hesitate to recommend Kathryn to anyone struggling with social media, who needs a trusting hand to guide them in the next steps. Kathryn’s a gem!!
— Riana Nelson (Booking/Press/Management for Derik Nelson & Family) - | Social Spotlight Client

dna discovery

At the heart of every business is a pain point that it's trying to solve for its customers. How does your business answer that need? What is the vision behind your business that sets you apart from the rest in your industry? Every brand is born from an individual who possesses the skills and talents necessary to solve the pain point of another individual, through services or products. Together, we will outline who exactly this individual is that you are speaking to, and with a little help from storytelling techniques, we'll outline the tale of your business and the story you should be telling through every facet of your marketing to engage and encourage these potential clients. Bonus! Color psychology activity that determines which tonal palette you should use in your visual branding. 2-hour session and finalized brand DNA document, $200 offered via Skype or in person.

Did my first Instagram post yesterday since our session and tried to implement your suggestions. Seriously, the most likes ever! This is definitely not my typical amount of engagement - even on my established account.
— The Brand Audit & DNA Discovery Client
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