8 Facts About Digital Marketing for the Non-Digital Marketer

facts about digital marketing

As digital marketers, we often forget the details that come second nature to us, the ones we often take for granted and the ones that non-marketers may not know! But today we've gotchu, boo. We wanted to take some time today to share key facts about digital marketing that we hope will help you along your do-it-yourself marketing journey! :)

1. Google is not for grabs

It's a common myth that it's okay to "take things off Google" - please don't do this, the original artist worked very hard to create that calligraphic quote or watercolor icon that you're swooning over! You can always have something much more branded and beautiful custom made for you.

Yes, this applies to every single image you see on the Internet, including the clipart and stock photos that you do not have the licenses to use. Locate the original file if possible and provide compensation where compensation is due. There are fabulous resources for finding free and affordable stock photos (just do a quick Google search and you'll be flooded with tons of options!), as well as unique illustrations and graphics -- Creative Market is one of our faves!

If you need to reference a specific post by someone, you want to share their image or otherwise, it is vital that you credit and tag them, clearly stating that the image is not your property. If they later request that you remove it, do so gracefully and thank them for their time - not everyone is down with the share-the-love game, and that's okay!

2. creatives must be credited

Keep in mind that it is standard protocol to always credit the creatives who crafted something for your branding or marketing - the creatives that fall under this category include brand / logo designers, website designers, photographers, illustrators and more - you get the idea.

How to credit designers and illustrators // A simple footer credit is great. Make sure that their website is linked properly and included in the footer text of your website right by your copyright disclaimer. Whenever you publish print pieces, make sure that they are acknowledged when allowed and always check prior to production. If you bought the full rights to your items, you shouldn't need to check with the designer, but it's still a nice courtesy.

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How to credit photographers // Make sure they are always credited in your website footer, print or anywhere else you share their images - this goes for social media posts, too. Use the camera emoji or simply spell out "photo credit:" and link their @user handle (I even credited my hair stylist in the example below!).

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3. It's also not okay to alter a creative's work

You may think that because you paid your graphic designer for an icon file, you have full rights to alter the state of that graphic. More often than not, that is false. Check the license you received with your final files or chat with your designer if you have any questions. If you need something to be altered or set in another color, it's always better to ask them instead of assuming.

This is also a big no-no when it comes to photography. Under no circumstance should you ever put a filter on a professional photographer's photo - there's a reason this photographer edits in their trademark style post-production. Your brand spankin' new, beautiful photos don't need an overpowering veil of those Clarendon or Valencia Insta filters, boss! :)

4. buying followers and likes makes you less trustworthy

... but it's more common than you think. Unfortunately, it's SUPER common these days to buy post likes and followers on Instagram. It's a vanity metrics game and everyone is in for the kill! This is something we stand strongly against and doesn't support our value of organic growth.

More and more nowadays, users are getting smart about average like / follower counts and can tell with a swift tap to your "Followers" list whether or not they are legitimate accounts following you. The worst case scenario? Instagram may discover that you are being a trickster and shut your account down. While Instagram is my favorite platform, it often feels like a love-hate relationship, however I gotta give it to them: their API kicks booty and takes names! They are sticklers for authenticity and want to elevate a platform of trustworthiness - what Instagram was always supposed to be, a place of storytelling, sharing and connection.

Focus on providing content of value and beautiful imagery that trumps fake followers, boss. You are too good to settle for anything less!

5. People want to get to know the real YOU

Sharing behind-the-scenes moments and lighting up those Insta and Facebook stories can help your audience fall in love with Y-O-U, and believe it or not: they want to! They want to see the team behind your company, the things that make you tick and the recipe you're making for dinner that night. Just remember: this kind of content stays in the candid, disappearing stories, not in the pretty, ultra-curated feed.

Sharing meaningful captions and content that admits to a struggle you've faced recently, along with some advice for those going through something similar (especially if it relates to something within your field of specialty) is an excellent way to increase the occurrences of showing your audience the real you. Raw and unfiltered, your clients/customers are here for you, hustler.

6. Outreach is the name of the game

Contrary to popular belief, you can't just "post stuff" and magically grow a following. You have to actively engage and interact with other users within your target market. This is a big part of each account strategy we run at FFM - we make sure that we are engaging with new people every. single. day! By showing them that we are interested in what they have to say, we are opening our clients' brands to authentic relationship building and community contributor status.

And no, we don't mean the all-too-familiar comments that say vague compliments like, "Nice!" or "Dope!". Comments need to hold weight, they need to provide value and relate to the user's actual captions and life experiences. This is the one often overlooked value touch point of social media that truly leverages the playing field for all brands, no matter the structure or size.

7. There are various types of marketing

Here at FFM, we're "content marketers". What is content marketing, you may ask? We've got a great little definition for ya over on the FAQs page! While we choose to focus on creating great, quality content of value that then results in loyalty and trust from an audience, there is a variety of marketing types, even within digital marketing itself.

We aren't the kinds of marketers who believe in pay-per-click conversions and shoving SEO or "growth hacking" down your throat. We focus on making quality connections with new audience members and growing the relationships that already exist in your tribe to ultimately keep your revenue flowing and elevating your brand's awareness and niche authority.

When choosing to work with a digital marketing agency, it's really important that you choose based on which tactics are going to get you where you want to be and align with your values. Just like MDs and therapists, none of us are perfect for everyone and that's the beauty.

8. And finally, what we do isn't "easy"

You may have seen this one coming :)

What many non-marketers fail to realize is how much time and effort digital marketing takes. It takes multiple days to conceptualize blog posts and email blasts, and hours to put them together. It takes a full workday to write a 30-day editorial calendar worth of social posts for one client. And it takes approx. 30 minutes every single day to manage one client's social media, between posting, responding and outreach tasks. If you're not working with a digital marketer, it's important to carve out this kind of time in your schedule (or an employee's schedule) and allow the process to take this time. Rushing won't result in quality content that resonates and your audience will surely love you when they see all the effort you're putting into your strategy :)

Have any follow-up questions about digital marketing? Pop 'em in the comments below and I'll do my best to answer all your ponderings! :)

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Facts About Digital Marketing

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