Copywriting to Save Your Sanity: Meet Jennifer Crain of Pearl & Ink

Photo by Christina Yem Photography

Photo by Christina Yem Photography

Over the past 7 months, we've used a blog post prompt list to really challenge us to write quality content here on the blog -- content we hope YOU want to read and benefit from, friends. However, this month we were inspired to take one of the prompts and turn it into something a tad bit different!

One of July's prompts was to share about a tool that helps you in your business that you can't live without, that also highlights a trade secret from your industry. Well, today we're sharing a bit about our lovely copywriter, Jenni (Jennifer) Crain from Pearl & Ink located here in Olympia, Wash.

Photo by Christina Yem Photography

Photo by Christina Yem Photography

The face above is the angel behind our Instagram/Facebook! Jenni is our LIFE SAVER when it comes to copywriting behind the scenes. We utilize Jenni's unmatched talent to elevate our brand's social media copy (just a fancy word for marketing text!) and give us one less thing to worry about while we juggle writing for our clients and elevating their presences first and foremost.

When you already have 15 editorial calendars to prep at the beginning of each month, adding on two more personal calendars that you overthink a bunch is EXHAUSTING. Jenni saves our booties and always makes sure that we show up for Fashionably Frank Marketing, too.

Jenni brainstorms with us to create content that converts and attracts new audience to our feeds. We give her industry stats and research to focus on and she adds her unique flair! She takes the time to get to know us so she is able to write about our challenges, fears, favorites and greatest joys. She brings creative ideas and is always excited to map out the month ahead.

The perks to hiring a professional copywriter who does this for a living are plentiful, but the most important of them all is the clarity you create around your brand message. You communicate a clear goal, pain point you are helping to solve for your client/customer and you are positioned to stand out from the rest with your unique personality and voice. Not only is this key for social media: this is also SO very important on your website, print collateral, in your blog posts and email blasts, PR articles and press releases - the list goes on!

Why are we telling you this? Because we think everybody should have a Jenni -- or like, literally Jenni ;) You can learn more about Jenni's services here and book her for a consult (psst: we're putting the finishing touches on a new and exciting website for Jenni and cannot wait to reveal it soon! Check back here in a week or two for an updated service menu!).

Our team just wouldn't be the same without Jenni's sheer talent and beautiful soul! Love ya, girl.

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