5 Things You Can Do This Autumn to Better Your Brand Online

Better Your Brand Online

The leaves are changing color, pumpkin spice is on the mind and autumn is in the air! We talk a lot about “spring cleaning”, but what about an “autumn clearing”? The changing of the season gives the perfect opportunity for us to talk about how to better your brand online in just a few simple steps.

We may be partial to autumn and its cozy companionship, after all we are an autumn brand! ;)

But we want to argue today that autumn is good for EVERYONE, even for winter brands - often considered the very opposite of our autumnal selves.

Autumn gives us the opportunity to revisit what we have accomplished so far throughout the year and redirect ourselves in the final three months as needed.

This changing season, consider these 5 things for bettering your brand:

1. Spruce up (or start) your blog

If you have a blog on your business website (which you totally should), consider reorganizing it and switching things up. Add some cool sidebar features, start a new series or category for the season, freshen up or implement Pinterest-sized graphics perfect for your audience saving your posts for later. Take a day just for your blog’s wellbeing!

2. Embrace the seasonal elements

Incorporate autumnal quotes, tones and holidays into your editorial calendar or content lineup. Or, better yet: incorporate them into your product / service offerings! We’re seriously swooning over these pumpkin spice bagels by Dave’s Killer Bread.

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3. Add a live chat feature to your website

We’ve recently fallen in love with Drift’s conversational marketing platform that allows customer/client leads to communicate with you in real-time on any page of your website!

This is a great way to capture the leads that may not otherwise funnel through to booking a consultation or browsing your products in greater detail - allowing yourself to be accessible at their fingertips!

4. Change your hashtag targeting

Whether this means you simply switch up the hashtags you’re using to post with (always a good idea to switch these up within reason every 6 months or so to add fresh eyes on your content), or changing the people you target (with community outreach techniques) by way of hashtags, sort through your favorites and kick the ones to the curb that are no longer serving you.

5. Book your Winter photoshoot(s)

Now’s the time to be prepping for the following season’s photography! With each passing season, we should be looking ahead to the next few months’ content projections. So for example, you should shoot your winter photos in October, spring photos in February and so forth. Use this time to plan your winter content and be strategic about what’s next to come.

How are you switching things up and evaluating what your rockstar self has accomplished in 2018!?
Comment below with your realizations and wisdom gleaned! :)

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Better Your Brand Online

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