Crafting Your Ideal Target Client or Customer Persona: 11 Questions to Ask Yourself in the Branding Process

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Everyone talks about the dreamy, ideal client persona, and if you aren't searching for it or running after it, you've already lost, right? Well, while I wouldn't want to spook you, there's some very real truth to that.

When we aim for a target persona, we are better clarifying our desires to our potential clients or customers. We create a vision of who we want to serve, and indirectly, the people that we desire to become / the kind of service or product creator that we strive to be.

When considering your target persona, there's a few questions you can ask to help you narrow and really hone in on the wonderful beauty of your ideal individual!

1. What is your individual looking for by hiring you/buying your product? What is their wish?

2. What is their problem, what are they looking to solve (their external problem)? Go deeper: what is their internal problem (emotional problem, for example: doubt or fear)? What is the philosophical problem associated with their struggle (for example: poverty, self-confidence and worthiness, the list goes on).

3. What is their age group? What defines this age group and what are the world issues and trends associated with this age group's generation (example: millennials and selfies, the rise of tech - also the most entrepreneurial generation yet).

4. What books and magazines do they read?

5. Where do they eat when they go out?

6. Where do they travel for vacation?

7. What are their hobbies? Are they couch potatoes, or interested in an active lifestyle? Are they crafty or "creative" in the sense of the fine arts? Are they analytical and interested in numbers?

8. Where do they shop?

9. What philanthropic causes are they involved with or wish to become more involved in? Social issues and political stances (if applicable)?

10. Are they married? Do they have children?

11. What values or personality traits are most important to them? Justice, honesty, humor?

By starting with these 11 questions, you can go pretty deep into crafting your ideal persona and begin creating a narrative around this individual that then helps you serve your clients or customers better by focusing on their desires and goals. Pretty neat, huh!?

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