Setting Business Goals: Where Our Biz Will Be in 5 Years

Business Goals

The future holds a plethora of surprises for us all and arguably the most exciting part is never knowing what's around the corner! But, lucky for us, we can set goals and intentions for our businesses that direct our path. I recently came across a blogging challenge that encourages biz owners to share their business goals separated out by chunks of time.

I don't know about you, but I think it's super fun to read where other people are at in their biz and what exciting things are on their horizon! When I went to a life-changing retreat a few months ago, I was faced with the daunting but transformative task of speaking as though I was my future self -- she was me and we were BFFs. It felt so... ego-filled, uncomfortable and scary.

When I practiced speaking as my future self in 5 years time, everything became clear. I saw where I wanted to be. I saw who was working for me and how our office culture was. I saw how I dressed, how I carried myself and how I spoke about myself to others (girlfriend was a heck of a lot less self-deprecating, I'll tell you that much!). I saw the kinds of services and online products we were providing the world and the wonderful people whose lives they impacted.

Tapping in to that hopeful girl, today I'm setting intentions and sharing my future predictions and hopes for Fashionably Frank Marketing. Go big or go home, am I right?

1 month from today:

  • Adding new collaborators to ensure our clients receive high quality multimedia content.
  • New photos for branding! One photoshoot down for the quarter.
  • Finding better client fits thanks to a new on-boarding system and questionnaire process.

3 months from today:

  • Disconnecting from relationships that are no longer serving us in our business growth.
  • Producing more freebies for the blog and helpful resources for clients.
  • New photos for branding! One photoshoot down for the quarter.

6 months from today:

  • Adding a fourth team member, and/or promoting those currently on our team.
  • Creating a super special social media subscription project with a couple local creatives!
  • New photos for branding! One photoshoot down for the quarter.

1 year from today:

  • Continually bringing in our steady revenue, shooting for 50% increase YTD.
  • Producing e-courses and digital products at affordable rates for everyone who wishes they had the budget to hire a digital marketing team but can't.
  • Speaking at local and regional conferences or workshops.

5 years from today:

  • Climbing the ranks in our niche and rubbing elbows with the amazing Jenna Kutcher (a dream, a dream!).
  • Attending big conferences such as Create & Cultivate, etc. and soaking it all in.
  • Hosting our own in-person female biz owner conference or workshop with other creatives.
  • Winning awards and being recognized for our impact in the digital marketing field.
  • Mid-6 figure business status, kickin' booty as always.

See -- isn't it easy to dream!? And remember what my retreat leader told me: when you say it's impossible, it only becomes impossible for you - not for anyone else. Live fearlessly in your authenticity and ask the universe what you desire. Trust me when I say it will change your life.

What are your business goals!? I can't wait to read your comments.

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Business Goals

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