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OlyBella Lip Butters - Olympia, WA

Olivia is consistently one of my favorite clients. Encouraging, excited and kind, she is always pushing me to my creative limits and reassuring me to try new things - no matter what the cost. She is the ultimate go-getter.

Olivia's business, OlyBella provides handcrafted lip butters, made lovingly in Olympia, Washington with no toxins and only good-for-you ingredients. They are also totally cruelty-free. Olivia named the business after herself (nickname "Oly", also the nickname of the town where she resides) and her beloved Bella, her late Chow-Chow / Australian Cattle Dog mix that taught she and her family about unconditional love, strength, acceptance, pure joy and how to enjoy every moment. Bella passed from cancer in 2015.

Regardless of the adversities Olivia has overcome in her life, you will never hear her complaining. She is fearless! So, it was only natural that her voice throughout her website and social media would radiate positivity and light.

We started with the web redesign and fully integrated e-commerce shop. Prior to the redesign, OlyBella had been accepting all payments via their Square online storefront, as e-commerce couldn't easily integrate with their main website. Now, everything is in one location and looks seamless and clear!

Then, we began developing content for her Instagram. Starting with styled product photography. In order for her website and social media to have a cohesive look and feel, we implemented similar filters across all platforms and decided on a few core graphic templates for social media posts. Researching her niche hashtags and her target customer, her engagement doubled, even quadrupled on some occasions!

Not only is Olivia my client, she is also the second half of the Oly Girlboss Collective leadership team. We launched the group (a gathering of female entrepreneurs in the Olympia, Washington area) in April 2017 when we felt like there wasn't an outlet for us creatives to gather and truly learn from each other / build each other up as women. She has a unique way of making her fellow femmepreneurs feel loved, validated and so very special. The real deal.