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Oly Girlboss Collective - Olympia, WA

A labor of love, I crafted the Oly Girlboss Collective's branding and website (a pro-bono project for the current little one in my life)! In late April 2017, I launched the Oly Girlboss Collective with fellow #girlboss, Olivia Salazar de Breaux (owner of OlyBella - also a client of mine now).

I was elated to take this on for Olivia and I's baby - our true pride and joy. The Oly Girlboss Collective is a group of 85+ empowered, savvy and smart female business owners in or around the Olympia, Washington area participating in monthly meetings for support, mentorship and general networking.

After following each other on Instagram for many months, Olivia and I finally met in person at a random accounting class of about 12 business owners outside of the city (what are the odds!?).

We easily spent the rest of the night (like, HOURS) on Facebook Messenger, discussing how wonderful it would be to create a sacred, supportive place for fellow #girlbosses to come together and celebrate the ups and downs - the beautiful journey - of owning a business. Olivia shared that she and her friend Leslie had been dreaming up this idea for a while now and I immediately agreed that Olympia had nothing like the bigger cities (Seattle or Portland). Well, the rest is herstory!

Our group is not a "pitch yourself" space. We meet once a month at a variety of fun, inspiring locations to do tons of fun, inspiring things with each other with the ultimate goal of building each other up. We also feature a different #girlboss each month for a "mini-lesson" (15-20 minutes) in her area of expertise, allowing each other to perfect much more than just networking.

We started the branding process by developing the Oly Girlboss Collective's brand style guide. At the time of the OGC launch, my business' brand colors were the lightest baby pink (seen in the style guide on the far left) and gold, while Olivia's included a variety of greens, including this aqua green shade (seen in the middle of the style guide). With the aim to achieve balance between the two founder brands, I designed the branding with this in mind.

We had already determined the main pink shade seen in the main logo - this was the OGC's main branding color since its conception. Adding the green as a nice duo color was a no brainer in my mind. What's worse than a bunch of girly colors with no masculine balance? Adding the deep black accents and stressing the green allowed me to provide two choices for sub logos and identity marks for our gals.

Instead of watermarks (which the OGC has virtually no use for since we are not a blog or photo resource), I elected to design two identity marks: one for the founders (Olivia and I) and one for the members. These identity marks are used on the girlbosses' websites to denote their involvement in the group.

 Oly Girlboss Collective - Olympia, Washington - Fashionably Frank Marketing

After determining our branding, I moved on to create the website. Complete with moving video (a woman typing on a keyboard) as the hero focus, I set out to make this website easy-to-navigate and memorable. As you can see on the bottom of our homepage here, I set up a spot to showcase our group hashtag used on Instagram: #OLYFEMMEPRENEUR. Whenever this hashtag is used, girls' posts show up accordingly. This is a great way to showcase everything the gals are up to lately.

In addition to this hashtag spot, we added ad space in the footer, allowing our girlbosses to display their latest promotions and specials (or a generic ad for their business) for a small fee. We collected these donations to help us with the annual website fees, business card ordering and catering/location reservations. This was an easy trade-off and great for our group.

 Oly Girlboss Collective - Olympia, Washington - Fashionably Frank Marketing

A focus of our homepage are the beautiful photos taken by our dear Christina of Christina Yem Photography (one of my go-to photographers for both my blog and business photoshoots, and a collaborating photographer in my business... psst: hire her along with me for a discounted rate!).

 Oly Girlboss Collective - Olympia, Washington - Fashionably Frank Marketing

Each of the girls who submitted also have their own webpage on the site with any necessary brand advertisement, universal, fun bio questions and a gorgeous photo. Over the immediate few months post-website launch, the group will focus on achieving a cohesive group aesthetic with matching headshots and website photography, thanks to our generous photography sponsors.

Finally, we wanted to create a robust "application" form page where girls can opt-in to get more information about the group and join with their own businesses. Here's just a taste of the form:

 Oly Girlboss Collective - Olympia, Washington - Fashionably Frank Marketing

All in all, the group is thrilled with the results and I couldn't be happier that I got to showcase my skills for this gorgeous group of talented, empowered femmes. Go visit us, why don't you!?