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Little General Food Shop - Olympia, WA

Call me a Jill of all Trades! Little General Food Shop truly desired expanding their visual social media presence by way of quality, branded DSLR photography. Sometimes, it can be tough for our small local businesses to achieve the biggest bang for their buck in such a "Pay-to-Play" digital marketing world. But we always find a way, right?

Implementing typical social media marketing to increase engagement and brand awareness via paid ads, researched hashtags and branded visuals was the name of the game for this client. Right in the heart of downtown Olympia, Washington where vegan, gluten-free and other dietary sensitive needs are common, Little General Food Shop focuses on offering these quality, accommodating ingredients in a friendly atmosphere.

Armed with my trusty Canon DSLR and Adobe Lightroom, I set off on the mission to rework and reinvent the digital marketing strategy of one of my favorite downtown eateries. The final product is one our entire team will be obsessing over for days, weeks, months to come.