Custom Social Media Captions for YOUR Business - September 2019

Custom Social Media Captions for YOUR Business - September 2019

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This one’s for you, small biz boss.

Not enough time in the day to remember to post on social media? But, perhaps you’re equally as overwhelmed by the investment necessary to have someone else manage your profiles? You handle the engagement and scheduling, we’ll handle the rest!

This package includes 15-30 fully customized, written-for-you social media captions that you won’t find anywhere else (we’re not a subscription service that sends the same captions to everyone, capeesh!?), tailored to your business needs and goals.

15 Posts ($100): Great for those who post every other day, or simply need someone to fill up the blank spots in their monthly calendar.

30 Posts ($180 - save 10%!): Great for those who post every single day (our recommendation) and would rather have it handled 100% by someone else.

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive an email with instructions to get started. After you complete our survey getting to know what your business is all about, and what your focal points and goals are, we will get to work, crafting your posts with a 7 day turnaround. And that’s it - you’re off to the races!

We cannot wait to get started elevating your biz in the digital space!

The fine print: Clients will receive their captions within 7 days of submitting the answers to their survey. This service does not include photo / social feed curation. You are responsible for providing your own imagery to match these captions, scheduling them into your scheduler of choice and monitoring comments/messages from your audience. We also encourage our clients to set up an outreach process - interacting with the content of their target audience members on a daily basis. Clients may opt for ONE (1) revision of each caption as necessary.

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