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Clean Keto Blog - Olympia, WA

Meg is the newest light of my life and constant source of inspiration and motivation for my own blog! In June of 2017, we launched her food blog, Clean Keto: The Blog. Chalk full of ketogenic, healthy eating recipes, Clean Keto: The Blog is your hub for everything low-carb and high-fat - the perfect guide along your ketogenic journey.

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We started with her branding vision and created a beautiful, fresh and bright color scheme to match the spirit of her business. Led by the incredible resources of Station Seven, we chose a Squarespace Kit and branding set that worked best for Miss Meg. As we began crafting her brand, the aspects started to come together and flow well.

In addition to the launch of her blog and brand style guide, we take photographs of her brilliant recipes:


As we continue down her blogging journey, I am happy to call her a client (one that will cheer me on while I have one hand on my camera and a spoon in the other, at that)! She is going to take the food blogging world by storm.