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Alaycia Hair Design - Tumwater, WA

Alaycia is such a gem! A true #girlboss in every sense of the word, this young lady started her own hair design studio at a young age and is living her dream. Seeking a website to match her go-getter, entrepreneurial spirit, Alaycia came to me seeking a full branding package. We worked together to define and refine her aesthetic concepts.

Dedicated to empowering, uplifting and encouraging women to feel their best and express their true selves through the art of hair, Alaycia Hair Design is a modern, millennial approach to hair services (note: not just "styling"... truly designing and transcending what many might expect from "a trip to the salon").

Alaycia Hair Design Style Guide.png

We started by developing the brand guide and after many selections later, nailed down her core six colors and fonts. Then, we started crafting the logo and watermarks. After all these elements were locked in, we began drafting the website's look and feel. Instantly reaching a satisfying aesthetic that we had both hoped for, we ran with it.

A week later, we hit "Publish" and rushed to post a Facebook Live video to her friends and family.  Alaycia said, "OMG, I wish I would've filmed my reaction - I LOVE IT SO MUCH! This exceeded my expectations by like 100."